Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amy's Tips: More than one way to wear your hair!

"Every shape should have two different styles. So that you don't get bored!"

Amy Kott-Hovland, Owner Von Anthony Salon

What are your two favorite ways to wear your hair?

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Shiny Hair at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco

Want ultra shiny hair? Von Anthony Salon uses these cool Freestylist Free-Floating Dryer System.

When in use, the dryer feels weightless—eliminating wrist strain and fatigue.

The dryer turns on automatically when pulled down, and turns off automatically
when it is raised back up to its resting position.

The positioning of the Freestylist is ideal for closing the cuticle because of the direction of the air flow - creating shiny hair!

You may have seen these hair dryers on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.