Friday, January 27, 2012

Kiss and make-up: Frizz-free curls for curly hair - Bounce is beautiful!

Those of us with curly hair are in constant battle with the elements.

Humidity is the biggest of our enemies.

Embrace those curly chromosomes. Bouncy, shiny and natural is what you should aim for.

Kérastase Oléo-Curl is especially good for giving natural, defined curls and keeping frizz under control.

Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Oleo-Curl provides treatments for all types of curls from limp and lifeless to course and kinky.

What kind of curl are you? Find out on the Kérastase website.

Beauty Editors New Favorite, Innovative Shampoo - Cleansing Oil Shampoo by Shu Uemura

Cleansing Oil Shampoo
By Shu Uemura

Delicate formula that transforms quickly into a rich, thick foam that effectively draws out the impurities and build-up on the scalp without stripping the natural oils. Leaves hair naturally radiant, soft and in a balanced state.

Paraben and silicone free.

Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco 972-731-7600

"Why you'll love it...The light-weight formula is super effective at removing buildup. You'll be left with shiny, soft strands." People Style Watch, 2012

Check out all the publicity for this wonderful product.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebs With Beautiful Braids

Who can resist a beloved childhood hair style brought back to life in adulthood?

French braids and fishtails with bits of hair hanging out will be quite chic this spring.

From the undone and chic look to the structured, more classic style, here are few notable braids spotted on stars recently.

Learn how to get any of these looks at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600


A reliable braid with a little flair.


A few carefully wrapped braids pulled up from the sides and behind to create more dimension and texture.


Slightly undone and pulled apart side braid offsets her formal attire on the red carpet.


The French braid. An updated, classic look by shifting the braid off to the side and distressing it a bit.


Perfect for those who need some relief from grown-out fringe between cuts: a chic and easy-to-do braid.


Rihanna’s bright ruby red braid is anything but distressed. The fluidity of this style creates the illusion of one braid from the front all the way to the tips of her long locks.


A “twist” on a great thing: the fishtail braid. The “Descendants” star is a huge proponent of the side braid, as well, but she tends to favor the messier version of a classic fishtail look.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bain Miroir by Kerastase Makes Her Hair Color Last Twice As Long

Bain Miroir Shine Revealing Shampoo for sensitized, color treated hair.

"My color lasts almost twice as long Bain Miroir and it leaves my hair silky and shiny. I will never use anything else. Thank you for a wonderful product."

The surface of each hair fiber is smoothed out, boosting color's radiance and shine. Buildup that makes color-treated hair look dull is eliminated. Hair is soft and protected from outside aggressions.

Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Creme Oleo Curl by Kerastase - "The most necessary part of my hair care regimen"

"Creme Oleo Curl is the most effective and necessary part of my hair care regimen. It gives me complete control and amazing curls even under the worst hair conditions. If I had to give up all my personal hair care products except for one, this would be the one I would keep."

Curls are lightly nourished, supple and easily detangled. Thermo-protection helps guard against heat styling damage. Helps to create flowing, natural curls while controlling volume. Curls have optimal shine from roots to ends.

Creme Oleo Curl is available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Intensive Care for Dry, Winter Hair

It's chilly out there North Texas!

You may have noticed your hair has become dry and unmanageable.

Von Anthony Salon in Frisco has a solution for color treated or very damaged hair:

Kerastase’s rich and creamy Chroma Riche leave in treatment.

It will transform your hair from straw to silky in seconds.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Perfect Pregnancy Styles Available at Von Anthony Salon


Her golden blonde glows a bit brighter than usual.

Lots of expecting celebrities are sporting long and luscious locks throughout their pregnancies.

For some women, increased hormones during pregnancy lead to faster hair growth for a fuller and thicker mane.

What to do with hair changes during those exciting nine months? Modern Salon rounded up a few celebrity moms-to-be rocking both the length and the trendy high bun (bun in the oven, anyone?).

Here is some inspiration for expecting Von Anthony Salon clients to enjoy and experiment with as your hair changes texture. See something you like? Call Von Anthony Salon at 972-731-7600


Her red locks are looking brighter and longer.


She’s sticking with her blonde ombre treatment and longer waves.


Name one thing that can distract from a full-term baby bump: radiant red hair! The actress’ ruby red mane has always been a head-turner, but with that pregnancy glow, it’s turned into a stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks style.


Buns on ladies with a bun in the oven! An effortless updo look.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jennifer Anniston Uses Kerastase! (Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco)

Jennifer Anniston is considered one of Hollywood's most beautiful women with staying power that rivals Madonna in the music industry. So, what keeps her looking hot?

The latest star who loves Kérastase is…the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston. Her hairstylist, Chris McMillan revealed to Allure Magazine: “We pretty much have a formula: I use a Kérastase mousse at the crown and the ends, and a little bit of Kérastase Sérum Oléo-Relax only on the ends—because we love the smell and how it moisturizes her hair”

Additionally, to keep her hair straight and shiny, the blonde actress uses Kerastase Ciment Thermique.

Hair is strengthened from within. Vita-Topseal protects and reinforces external layer. For hair weakened by harsh chemical treatments and repeated blow-drying/heat-styling.

Hair fibers are smoothed from the root to tip, leaving it feeling strong, supple and flowing with a long lasting shine.

Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Hair Forecast From Von Anthony Salon

We see 2012 bringing hair trends of a strong feminine woman. Shapes and styles come from many different genres:

  • 20's and 30's for strong shapes that are sculpted and command attention.
  • 70's inspired styles where one doesn't shy away from size, shapes and textures.
  • Dark tones of hair combined with cool red tones take these looks to 2012.

Also shine is very apparent in hair whether it is sculpted or free form.

Blondes, think of incorporating a few pastel tones throughout your hair. Rose-gold and peach hued hair was on all the runways for 2012.

Finally, glamorous, bouncy blowouts with hair color found in nature are still a strong statement: fluid and flowing.

Get your hair 2012 ready by calling Von Anthony Salon, 972-731-7600.

January, 2012 Spa Specials: New Year, New You

Aesthetic Specials

  • Sonya Dakar Fitness Facials - $69.00 facial
  • Microdermabrasion treatments - $55.00
  • Fitness Facial with Microdermabrasion Treatment - $120.00
  • Eye Brow Shaping - $10.00
  • Add a Green Tea Peel to any Spa Service for only $10.00.
  • Buy any Sonya Dakar Skin Care Product as part of your facial and receive a "Jet Set" size Bergamont Wash as a free gift with purchase. (A gentle, detergent-free facial cleanser for sensitive skin.)

Meet our new Aesthetician Haley Keifer.

Massage Specials

  • Purchase any Hour Massage for only $60.00, buy them in January with no expiration date.
  • Put pep back in your step and add a 25 minute Reflexology massage to any spa service for $15.00.

Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Thank You For Your Support! Fundraiser for Grayson Hughes

Thank you to everyone who helped support our fundraiser for Grayson Hughes.

As we were wrapping up the sales and preparing for the drawing one last client, Mike De La Cruz, bought $200.00 worth of tickets and put Grayson's name on the bulk of them.

With almost 1000 tickets to choose from, Grayson reached into the box and pulled a rare ticket for Mr. De La Cruz.

Mr. De La Cruz was actually still in the salon to receive his reward of over $3,200.00 in gifts that he was able to spread back out for Christmas.

In the true spirit of the Holiday's, Mike's last minute contribution pushed us over the goal of $5,000.00. It was a night filled with tears of joy that was topped off with the news that Grayson had also gone into remission.

It was a very Merry Christmas.

Our thanks to CBS for sharing Grayson's story and how the community of Frisco has rallied to support this family.

Click here to see the news segment.