Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2017 Bridal Trends in Frisco, TX

Von Anthony Salon Stylist and make-up artist, Lydia Meador shares the latest Bridal Trends for 2017. 

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A soft cut crease: this wedding season think of classic looks inspired by icons like Liz Taylor. A soft cut crease will allow for an elegant yet not over exaggerated look. 

Eye gloss: this has been one of the newest up and coming trends for 2017. Brace yourself for glossy lids! Yes, it's exactly as it sounds: lip gloss for the eyes. Gloss just in the center of the eyelid will draw attention to the eyes, giving an almost glassy effect. Very dreamy. 

Metallic/glossy lips: while matte lips are still very much in, glossy lips are making a fierce comeback. Metallic/glossy lips accentuate the lips due to light reflection. Get extra kissable lips this bridal season! 

Soft flush of color: ever heard the term "glowing bride"? Achieve the perfect dewy look with a cream rouge. Using a cream allows the face to look fresh rather than caked. 

Rosie Neutral Tones: keep it warm this season, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Utilize these colors to bring life to a happy bride.