Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Art by Frisco Artist Bill Gerton at Von Anthony Salon

Throughout the year, the work of local artists adorn the walls of Von Anthony Salon.

Currently, we are honored to be surrounded by the beautiful art of Bill Gerton.

Bill Gerton is an artist living in Frisco, Texas.  His passion is in many forms of creative expression, including woodworking, custom furniture, sculpture, and large-scale abstract painting.  Born and raised in Colorado, he was influenced by a long line of artistic people and many variations of creativity.  Now nature and the elements are a significant source of inspiration, as are the variety of nontraditional techniques and approaches to art.

"Painting for me is a necessity, the desire to express myself through canvas and color is overwhelming.  My paintings are an act of energy, emotion, and a release of creative expression.  I find it almost impossible to contain or restrict the size, color, or technique.  My paintings run off the canvas.
I view the painting process as a natural flow of movement, elements, color and chance, and enjoy the use of nontraditional tools and methods, using sticks, blocks of wood, tree branches, gravity, whichever tool creates drama and motion.  While I enjoy the process of rendering an abstract idea into reality, often times what a painting starts as will morph into a completely different experience, depending on the characteristics of the materials used, creating an evolving, almost living piece.

I like to leave the interpretation of my work to the beholder, even to the point of deciding how a painting should hang.  There is no top or bottom, just a painting that is meant for nothing other than enjoyment."

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Aveda Stress Relief Event in Frisco, TX

Friday, October 24
10 am - 2 pm

Enjoy complimentary stress relieving experiences like hand, arm, neck and shoulder massages followed by lip color touch up.

Opportunities are limited so please call 972-731-7600 today to reserve your experience.

Additionally, The Breast Cancer Foundation will receive $4 from every purchase of Aveda's Exclusive Hand Relief Creme with Calming Shampure aroma - all month long.