Thursday, February 25, 2010

Divine Hair Transformation - Save on Kerastase Hair Rituals at Von Anthony Salon

Experience Divine Hair Transformation with Specially Priced Kérastase, In-Salon Treatment Rituals at Von Anthony Salon.

Every Thursday in March, Von Anthony Salon is offering Kérastase In-Salon Treatment Rituals for a special price when booked with another hair service.

• During your consultation, your stylist will conduct a Hair Strand test to determine if your hair needs moisture, strength or shine.
• The rituals combine melting textures, rich fragrances and relaxing massage to reveal the true beauty of your hair.
Three rituals to choose from:

1. Instant Treatment Ritual consisting of a concentrated dosage of the most advanced technologies that instantly penetrates the hair leaving it transformed in just 5 minutes for only $20.00 instead of the normal $45.00.
View the list of Instant Results you will experience.

2. Replenish with an Intense Ritual. Experience incredible hair transformation in just 10 minutes as the dual-action treatments work deep down in the hair fibre and scalp for only $40.00 instead of $65.00.
View the list of Intense Rituals.

3. Pamper yourself with the Indulgent Ritual and receive a masque treatment for deep down nourishment with a truly relaxing, expert massage for $40.00 instead of $65.00. 15 minutes
A truly sensorial experience ensures you are left completely relaxed and your hair transformed, deep-down.
View the list of Indulgent Rituals.

Hurry, Thursday appointments will fill quickly. Call 972-731-7600

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kerastase Lait Nutri-Sculpt - Makes a MIRACULOUS difference in the shine and feel of my hair!

We came across a review of Kerastase Lait Nutri-Sculpt.

Here's what the happy woman had to say:

"I rediscovered an almost-empty bottle of this miracle product this weekend while cleaning the bathroom. I put a dime-sized amount on my damp hair before blowdrying, and it makes a MIRACULOUS difference in the shine and feel of my hair. I kid you not, the only difference in my morning routine has been this, but it has multiplied the sweet 'you look hot!' comments from my husband 10 fold."

Kerastase is available at Von Anthony Salon.

Monday, February 22, 2010

No More Bad Hair Days

Nearly 32.5 million in the U.S. admit they've stayed home because their hair didn't look good, a new survey reveals.

Don't be one of them!

Von Anthony Salon Stylists Share their tips.

Don't be one of them - Life is too short & us moms need to feel pretty & put together so take the time to book your next hair appointment before you leave the salon.
A few hours every 6-8 weeks to recharge. Just Do It. You Deserve It.
Amy Kott Hovland, Owner, Von Anthony Salon

Come to Von Anthony Salon and get a "new do." Take home the right styling products for your hair so that you can duplicate your new style!!!
Melissa White, Stylist

Tease the crown of your hair. Pin it half up, and stick a cute flower clip in. That's what I do on my bad hair days.
Rachel Schwartz

Friday, February 19, 2010

Amy Kott-Hovland Shares Her Golden Globe Favorites

Amy shares her three favorite looks from the Golden Globes. All of these hair styles can be accomplished at Von Anthony Salon.

Olivia Wilde's retro pony was a fun look. They incorporated a fall with
her real hair for volume a look like this will last till wee hours.

Penelope Cruz was flawless in her Armani dress with wavy hair pinned
back on one side. (just like Melissa's hair in our CW33 seg)
Click here to see the CW333 segment.

And Nicole Kidman's sexy side sweep low chignon was very beautiful and
also reminiscent of Rachel's hair on Fox Good Day.
Click here to learn how to create a sexy chignon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Von Anthony Salon Now Features the Age Premium Line by Kerastase

Age Premium nourishes, strengthens and protects mature hair and scalp by addressing the three characteristics of mature hair: Fibro-porosity, loss of density and dry scalp.

The Pro-Supplenium system and innovative Hyaluronic acid work collectively to replenish essential minerals and protective agents giving time-weakened hair nourishment, density and vitality.


Bain Substantif

Rejuvenating Shampoo for Mature Hair


Masque Substantif

Rejuvenating Masque for Mature Hair & Scalp


Monday, February 15, 2010

Recent Reviews on

Many thanks to our clients who take the time to share their wonderful Von Anthony Salon experiences.

Here's a couple of comments from

Great Staff
Amy has a great staff at Von Anthony. They are considerate and extremely friendly. I adore the shampoo area. It is relaxing and comforting. I travel from Grand Prairie and enjoy getting my hair done in Frisco. The salon itself is beautiful. It is easy to find and to get into and out.

Client Feels Confident and Beautiful

Amy Kott Hovland has the best staff of stylist who are well trained in the latest hair styles and color applications. The scalp massage given during a shampoo is so relaxing it is hard to stay awake. Also, the shampoo area has reduced lighting and soft soothing music to relax you and make the experience wonderful. Everyone is professional, friendly and courteous. They also have the top of the line products so I can maintain my hair in the same condition that I left the salon in.

Thanks to the Von Anthony Salon I look beautiful and feel very confident about my appearance.

Incredible Salon!
I have gone to the Von Anthony salon since they opened. It is an incredible salon!! I love my hair so much more since I have been there. Amy and her stylist are experts at hair coloring and highlights. They know exactly what color would look best on you and what hairstyle would fit your face and lifestyle best.

It is an incredible salon with incredible stylists!!

You can read all the comments here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Courtney Burkhart Now at Von Anthony Salon!

Courtney Burkhart has arrived at Von Anthony Salon!

Here's a little about Courtney:

Responsibilities at Von Anthony Salon?
Being the best stylist and colorist I can be, and definitely working as a team makes the salon better as a whole!

What drew you into the beauty industry?
I love giving people a new found confidence, and expressing my creativity.

Favorite hair care tip? Or, what's your hair care philosophy?

Always take the time to take care of your hair with great products like Shu Umera or Kerastase. Kerastase provides some of the best treatments you can find. Also, make sure to remember your 4 to 6 week trims to keep your hair in optimum condition!

How do you stay innovative and up-to-date in your industry?
I love watching other stylist work. It helps me with new techniques and teaches me things I might not have learned! Its great to feed off one another.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love being with my husband of course, eating out, going to see movies, and working out.

Best advice ever received.
Turn to God in everything because he is the source of our salvation.

Where did you grow up?
Farmington, NM

What book is currently on your nightstand?

Joel Osteen daily devotional

Favorite celebrity hair?
Jennifer Aniston

Worst celeb hair?
Amy winehouse.....what is up with that bee hive?? haha

Who is your favorite beauty icon?
Carrie Underwood

Vegetable you won't touch.

Favorite home cooked meal.
Chicken fried steak, corn, and mashed potatoes.. mmmm :)

What playing on your Ipod right now?

Michael Buble

What is your favorite vacation spot?

What is your favorite item in your house?

The bathtub...there's nothing better than a nice hot bubble bath after a long day.

What do you want to say to your future clients?
Don't be afraid to try new things and do something daring, change is always good, keeps you feeling young! See you soon :)

Here's what someone had to say about Courtney on

"I was excited to learn that Courtney just moved to this salon recently from Belle du Jour after they closed. She has been my hair stylist for several years and always does a fantastic job, both on the cut and color. Her vibrant, happy attitude is the icing on the cake when I walk out with the incredible cuts I have always received. If you need a change or had lost track of her recently like I did...... here she is! Call for an appointment with her. You will NOT be sorry."

Von Anthony Salon 972-731-7600

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Von Anthony Salon Gift Certificates Available for Valentine's Day

Massage, Facials, Pampering Salon Services

Give your Valentine the gift of spa!

Here's a review from about purchasing a Von Anthony Salon gift card:

"I purchased a full salon and spa package as an Anniversary present for my wife. I am definitely the King now that they treated my wife like a Queen. Thank you so much for creating such an awesome experience for us both."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Amy's Tips: Irresistible and Romantic Tresses

Remember how it felt to get ready before a big date? You spent some extra time primping. Whether you get yourself ready for your Valentine's celebration at home or in the salon, it's always fun to have a day of beauty to feel like old times.

Here are Amy's Best Hair Tips for for irresistible and romantic tresses

1. Light bits of hair framing your face will give you a romantic look.

2. Wear hair a bit wavy and loosely pulled back in a low pony, pull out a few stands around the face and in the back. Adorn the pony with a fresh, fragrant flower.

3. Short hair try polishing hair with a few drops of hair gloss and pinning in a fresh flower.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fairy Tale Photography Blogs About Von Anthony Salon

The owner of Fairy Tale Photography, Lauren, recently blogged about a client who got her hair done for her bridal photos at Von Anthony Salon.

The photographer took some of the bride's photos IN the salon! Kerry and Amy, owners of Von Anthony Salon, loved the photos so much they had canvases made and have them on display.

This is what the owner of Fairy Tale Photography had to say about Von Anthony Salon, "Super modern, hot, contemporary salon.

The people at Von Anthony Salon are so nice, and great to work with! They want to make sure you look your absolute best on the biggest day of you life! They have an amazing area for you and your girls to get ready, the cutest bathrooms Laura’s ever seen, they do hair AND make-up. They are basically your one stop shop for AWESOME-NESS!!"

Thank you Lauren! Here's a sneak peak of those canvases of the beautiful bride. Check out Lauren's blog for the others. Check out her amazing photography as well.