Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Do You Suffer From Hereditary Hair Loss? In Dallas?

For women with hereditary hair loss, try new Densifique Minoxidil Topical Solution USP 2% by Kerastase, clinically proven to help regrow beautiful hair.

Minoxidil penetrates into the scalp to revitalize the hair follicle and promote new growth. 
Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Jane Iredale Country Weekend

"Who doesn't love a peaceful weekend away in the country? The kind where you're simply in awe of your gorgeous surroundings. That's where this collection takes its cues. These breathtaking colors will set the ideal tone, whether your plans call for something quiet and casual or a bit more refined. Either way, all eyes will be on you." -Jane Iredale

Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Protect Your Hair From the Texas Sun

UV protection - It's not just for skin any more. 

Oribe Foundation Mist has UV protection to keep your color safe from the rays.

Styling, pool chemicals, sunlight and environmental factors can make your hair feel dry and damaged. Talk to your stylist about a conditioning treatment to add life and bring back the shine to your hair.

Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Beauty & The Beach

Snake venom for sunscreen?

Ultraluxe MicroVenom Face & Body SPF 30 eliminates harmful chemicals and has the added benefits of anti-aging power of Synake and Apple Stem Cell Technology to reveal youthful skin!

Available at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco. 972-731-7600

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Meet Lauren Amyx, Stylist at Von Anthony Salon, Frisco

Title and Responsibilities at Von Anthony Salon?
Head Apprentice and now Stylist
Why did you get into the beauty industry?
 The main reason is to not only make people look beautiful, but to make people feel beautiful. I love helping people and enjoy making differences in their lives.  

How do you stay innovative and up-to-date in your industry?
I love looking through fashion and hair magazines but education is the most important. I feel like you can never learn too much so whether it is taking additional cutting or coloring classes or even learning from my co-workers, I never stop learning about the latest trends and upcoming styles
Favorite hair care tip?
 Always always always use a heat protectant!!!
Favorite Kerastase product and why?
 Nectar Thermique.  It is a creamy leave in conditioner that adds amazing moisture to your hair. It also works as your heat protectant, and helps detangle the hair when it is damp. Nectar Thermique leaves yout hair feeling soft and moisturized!
Favorite Oribe product and why?
 Thick Spray.  It is a lightweight finishing spray that adds amazing volume and texture to the hair. I love spraying it at my roots to give a nice backcombing affect without the backcombing!
Favorite celebrity hair?
Jennifer Lopez
Who is your favorite beauty icon?
Audrey Hepburn
What do you like to do in your free time?
Family is everything to me. Whether it is a cookout or watching sports together, I enjoy every minute of it. I also enjoy doing anything outside!
Best advice ever received?
 My grandmother always told me to "Always have a sweet spirit."
Where did you grow up?
Coppell, Tx
What book is currently on your nightstand?
The Bible
Favorite home cooked meal.
My mom and dad's BBQ cookouts
What is your favorite vacation spot?
Anywhere on the beach!
Favorite Starbucks drink?
Skinny Vanilla Latte!
"You know you're a hair stylist when _________"
 When you are in a room full of people and all you do is look around at each and every head thinking about something different you could do to their hair!
What do you want to say to your future clients?
I will always listen and always be there for you and of course for your hair! And most importantly, thank you!