Thursday, December 26, 2013

At Home Blow Out Tips

Here's how to tame frizz, add volume and have a salon-quality blow out hairat home.
  • Use an ionic hair dryer. This will remove the static charges and will dry the hair without taking out too much moisture. Ionic hair driers leave your hair shiny and smooth.
  • Always start your blow dry at the front of your head on the fringe area.
  • First position the blow dryer perpendicular to the brush following the hairline. This allows you to tame any cowlicks or frizziness.
  • For slide swept bangs place your brush on top of the hair and blow side to side.
  • Now you can ruff dry the rest of the hair to remove the dampness, then it is time to get organized:
    • Place a small section of hair on the bristle area of your brush and allow it to fall freely. If it doesn't then the hair is still too wet and you will have to work hard to style it by following the blow dryer with your brush.

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